Progress Update! 



 Some updates you should know about!

Dear our valued customers, we would like to update on our current progress, at this moment we’re still pending on the type approval from SIRIM for our Set-Top-box (STB ) and Outdoor unit (ODU).

We’re preparing ourselves for our pre-launch trial soon. We’ll contact all the customers and trial participants for the installation.



Sneak peak:


Fresh from the oven – This is our Outdoor unit (ODU) dish image from our supplier. We will send it over to SIRIM for the QC and approval. The navy blue color is actually from one of our corporate color

Our Set-top-box (STB)
Packaging design for our Set-top-box
Mockup Set-top-box (STB) packaging design.

What do you guys think? 
 We’ll update you guys again on our progress in the next update. Thank you for your support!


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    1. Hi Suresh, Thanks for your comment. At this moment our slot for trial participant is already full but we’ll lets you know if there is a possibility to slot you in.

    1. Hi Khairul Amizan, Kalau encik sudah membuat bayaran untuk langganan, Pihak kami akan hubungi encik untuk pemasang apabila tiba masanya nanti. Harap encik dapat bersabar buat masa ini.

  1. Bila pihak sirius akan hubungi saya. Pembayaran sudah dibuat awal bulan november 2019. Launch dah 3 bulan dah….

    1. Kita akan contact bila sudah ready untuk pemasangan. Buat masa sekarang kita belum lagi officially launch dan tiada pemasangan dibuat kepada sesiapa pun.

  2. Do sirius tv have sub-line same like astro? Is there agent or dealer around Puchong Jaya, Selangor? I am interested to subscribe. But how? Please advice. Tx.

    1. This is added value we offer to our customer, we provide more than just a content. You’ll not only get TV channels but ‘Roadside and home assistance’ for you and family.

  3. Tuan, boleh tak bagi perincian apa yg akan berlaku selepas ‘FREE – Subscription for 12 months’? Yang mana satu remain free channel.. yang mana satu kena bayar? berapa ‘subscription’ bulanan ? thank you.

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