About us

We are the  new local satellite player with Direct to Home (DtH) platform to provide Pay TV services in Malaysia. Sirius has the necessary license from MCMC to operates a satellite TV station. 

Sirius is partnering with SES a global satellite company for the transponder and the video delivery system.

SES will provide the latest technology in the form of its equipment and content delivery system at the broadcast centre which  will be setup at Measat Teleport & Broadcast Centre in Cyberjaya.

More about Sirius


We are a Satellite Service Provider With Over 20 Years Of Experience.

World Number One Satellite Partner

We are leasing Ku Band transponder from SES-12.

VODE Technology

MX-1 will provide VODE Technology via satellite that do not use internet or IP streaming for content delivery to the customer.

Our office in Cyberjaya

25 linear channels + 5 Premium channels

Sirius will launch with 30 channels with 25 linear channels + 5 Premium channels to cater to the needs and customer satisfaction.

Unique Business Models

Sirius provides various business models to channel partners potentially from state governments, ministries, agencies, NGO’s and any new interested party for the leasing of TV channel. Sirius also provides full consultation and operation services to the channel partners.

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Sirius Malaysia TV